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Why use Gear Hub?

Sharing gear is not a new concept here in New Zealand. For years we have been lending out our gear with a deal made through a handshake and payment in the form of a box of beer. But what happens if your equipment is returned dirty or with an empty fuel tank? Damaged? Or not returned at all? These casual deals can often leave us out of pocket, and frustrated by the whole “renting” concept. Hence why Gear Hub was established.

Offset the cost of depreciation

Machinery and equipment depreciates- which is a cost to you and your business. Create an income stream to offset the depreciation.

Additional income stream

An income where you don’t trade your time for money- ideal.

Reduce administration time

Your invoices and booking calendars are all managed through Gear Hub- too easy!

Get the job done faster

No waiting around for contractors, no driving long distances to retrieve gear or fitting into store hours- just use the gear that’s around you.

Get the right tools for the job

Old gear that makes the job drag out for two days instead of two hours? Get the gear that you need to get the job done faster.

Utilize skills

If you know that you or your staff could easily get a job done but you just lack the gear to do it- hire it from those around you!

In the press

What people are saying about Gear Hub:

“It’s great to have my gear working earning money instead of sitting around. The best aspect of gear hub is that they understand and are completely on board with working together. If there is a problem they get straight onto it. And take control and sort it out.

It’s a great initiative to get good gear out there working for others without the out lay of machine costs . I like the idea of having my gear out working for someone else while I’m using other gear.

Gear hub has that great kiwi attitude of helping others out and connecting like minded people.”

Fletcher Edwards, NZ Young Farmers Regional Chair

I have always like the idea of leasing my gear – especially to develop another income stream. The main thing for me is to cover the cost of my gear- the servicing and maintaining of gear that I’m not often using. I want to keep the cost of my machinery down.

Thomas Read- Owner of Readland Farms

The Gear Hub Team

Alexandra Tully

Owner and Director

Scott Cameron

Owner and Director

William Murphy

Web Assistant

Todd Cameron

Sales Assistant

Robert McEwen

Website Developer