How does Gear Hub work?

Gear Hub is a peer to peer hire platform for machinery, attachments, and other equipment. We provide a hassle-free transaction for you to start making money off the gear that you aren’t using, and to allow you to get the right gear for the job

To list an item:

  1. Create a user profile.
  2. List an item through your profile dashboard.
  3. Gear Hub will review your listing and contact you for more details (if needed) before publishing it.
  4. Accept/decline booking requests – you will be notified over email as requests are made.
  5. Contact the person who has booked your item – through the “contact user” button to arrange pick up/ drop off etc.
  6. Booking is carried out.
  7. Get paid through our payment system.

To hire an item:

  1. Create a user profile.
  2. Search for the item that you need.
  3. Select dates and book the item- use “contact owner” button to confirm any extra details about the item.
  4. Wait for the owner to accept your booking
  5. Pay for the item through internet banking
  6. Arrange pick up/ drop off
  7. Enjoy your item
  8. Return the item within the booked time period, and leave a review on the item owner


How does insurance work?

Gear Hub Insurance:

  • Gear Hub insurance can be applied to your listing as an insurance option for the item hirer when neither owner nor hirer insurance is available.
  • If you require Gear Hub insurance- please contact us: alex@gearhub.co.nz. We will send you a form to complete for necessary information to be captured.

Gear Owner Insurance:

  • Many insurance companies automatically insure the items that we own, even when used by someone else e.g. when hired out.
  • If you have insurance to cover your gear when it is hired out, you can charge for this by adding an “Extra Option” when listing your item.
  • You have the option to charge for this per day.

Gear Hirer Insurance:

  • Many insurance companies insure items that we are hiring out from other people.
  • If you have insurance to cover you for when hiring out items, you may select this option at check out. The item owner may request proof of your insurance.

What happens if someone damages my item?

  1. Contact Gear Hub within 24 hours to inform us.
  2. Gear Hub recommend that you resolve the dispute between yourselves, and agree on appropriate reimbursements or payment agreements without Gear Hub intervention.
  3. If you are unable to come to an agreement, then Gear Hub will provide guidance around the issue.
  4. The hirer is liable to pay for repair costs or insurance excess as per our terms and conditions. Exceptions are made for fair wear and tear, of which are determined by a mechanic.

What happens if I am unhappy with the item before I use it?

If you are unhappy with the quality of an item when you first view it, or feel that the description does not reflect the item, you must not use or remove the item from the property and contact Gear Hub within 24 hours for a refund. Do not use an item if you believe that it is unsafe, or could be damaged easily through wear and tear.

Gear Hub will contact the item owner before any refund is given, and service & booking fees are not refundable.

What should I do to protect myself as the item owner OR hirer?

Gear Hub recommend that you follow these steps to ensure a safe hire process:

  • Make sure that the selected insurance option for the booking period is legitimate and understand what is covered in the policy.
  • As the “Hirer”, make sure that you are aware of the insurance excess on the item.
  • Take time-bound photos of any visible damage already evident before hire (use a smart phone or tablet as these save the date and time that the photo was taken).
  • Utilize the “Owner Equipment Record” to record and review pre existing damage.
  • Owner Equipment Record- example & Photo Suggestions


How does payment work?

When your booking request is accepted, an invoice will show in “Gear I have Booked”. When you click on the invoice it will show you a “Pay Now” button which allows you to pay through internet banking.

All transactions must go through the Gear Hub payment system. If you pay in cash or use alternative payment methods then your booking is not confirmed on our site and double bookings may occur. Furthermore you are not able to access our support for disputes.

Gear Hub will transfer payments on the 20th of each month, following the end of the booking period. This is to ensure that the booking period has ended without any extension of hire period or additional costs, and that both parties are happy.


How does pick up/ drop off work?

You can contact an item owner to enquire about pick up and drop off through the “contact owner” button on the listing.

As an item owner, the easiest option is to include in your item description that the item is “pick up only”. This saves you time in delivering the item yourself.

Otherwise, when you list an item, you can add, and charge for, additional booking options such as “Delivery within 50km = $50” etc. The person hiring your item then has the option of selecting their preference when they make a booking.

Once you accept a booking request, you are then able to contact the person directly to arrange collection of the item at a time and place that suits you.



What is the booking/service fee for?

Maintaining the Gear Hub platform has many costs associated with it. Gear Hub therefore ask for a booking/service fee in order to keep the website running.

Can I extend my hire?

Sometimes the job just takes longer than you think it will!

If you need to extend your hire:

  1. Contact the equipment owner and check that they are ok with you keeping their item for longer.
  2. If they are ok with it, go back into their Gear Hub listing and make another booking over the dates that you need it for.

If you need to change the dates of your hire:

  1. Contact the equipment owner and check that this is ok with them.
  2. If they are happy with this then get in touch with us and we will arrange another booking for you.

How can I contact Gear Hub?

For any queries or issues- please contact us on: