Our Story

Gear Hub was created to make a difference.

Farmers have been working hard forever and times have only got tougher for them! These challenges have put both financial and mental/emotional strain on farmers as they navigate their way through.

Growing up on farms, we are familiar with the caring nature of rural people who are always willing to help out their neighbours, and share their equipment. However this casual "hand-shake" agreement has too many times left people out of pocket with damaged gear and repair costs due to misuse of their equipment, no insurance agreement, and no clear guideline on when it should be returned.

We wanted to provide a safe platform to facilitate this and to look after both the gear owner and the user, to prevent any issues arising.

Gear Hub provides farmers with the opportunity to;

  • Create a passive income stream
  • Get the right tools for the job to improve efficiency
  • And most importantly- share their machinery/ farm gear in a SAFE environment.

Gear Hub is trustworthy- you always get paid, every transaction is insured, and contract bound.

Connect with others- be part of the Gear Hub machinery sharing community and help support farmers in need of gear.

We know that working together as a nation of farmers who want to support each other through providing affordable use of their idle machinery, and hiring off each other on a safe platform, will benefit the agriculture sector financially, and build a more powerful, innovative sector.